Indian Shawols Celebrate SHINee’s 9th Anniversary

Syria! We all are aware of how the chemical attacks in Syria killed so many people and led others to leave their homes. To bring some relief to the families there and on the pretext of SHINee’s 9th anniversary, Indian Shawols took the initiative and started with a “Syrian Relief Campaign” and decided to donate some amount to the Syrian Relief Fund run by UNHRC (The UN Refugee Agency). Soon after International Shawols pitched in too!

They supported such a great cause by successfully collecting INR 54K which was the maximum contribution made by Shawols all around *proud* 



Apart from this, a shining star in the Orion constellation got named as “SHINee“, a big thanks to INDIA SHAWOLS.

INDIAN SHAWOLS didn’t stop here! They also put up a billboard banner in the heart of Chennai…..


Heartiest congratulations to SHINee World India for all their efforts and love for the amazing 5-member boy group. Huge thanks to all those who contributed, it wouldn’t have been possible if you guys weren’t there! Here is the team of members who led the activities Vidya Prayaga, Mousona Biswas, Munawar Fathima Mohamed, Debismita Gogoi, Yashashree Jadav, Anitha Venkat, Shubham Vilayatkar, Daisy Priyanka, Itishree Subhadarshini Das, Sree Suram, Athira K A, Girija Nandini Bhuma. Well done guys!!

It’s great to see how Indian fandoms are doing so much to support the K-Pop groups.

Hwaiting everyone!! Let’s do this!!

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Written By : Jagriti Garg


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