Minoz India celebrated Lee Min Ho’s 11th Debut Anniversary!

We don’t know how time traveled so fast that it’s been 11 years since LEE MIN HO debuted as an actor. We can’t forget how our journey as a K-Drama fan started….. BOYS OVER FLOWERS!!!!!

Soon after BOF gained love, the family of MINOZ INDIA started. With a huge supportive family, MINOZ INDIA have been successful in various number of projects like displaying banners, wreath on various event places, delivering gifts and what not…..

So here they are again to celebrate Lee Min Ho’s 11th Debut Anniversary! With loads of delicious food from all parts of India, they wish good luck and success to him in upcoming years!

Have a look !! *mouth watering*

As soon as fans got to know that Lee Min Ho is enlisting in the army on May 12, 2017, MINOZ INDIA didn’t forget to grab this opportunity to show their love and support for the actor ❤

Their wishes!! *sobbing*

Heartiest congratulations from Indian fans for completing 11 years in the Korean entertainment industry and also best wishes for the military service. Stay happy and healthy oppa. We all will wait for you ❤

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Written By : StarInGalaxy


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