A Refreshing Summer Afternoon with Hyderabad KPoppers!

Hello, I am G. Sree Ramya Krishna, the admin of the Hyderabad KPoppers. I would like to share about the recent meet we had in our city on 16th of April 2017.

Logo of Hyderabad KPoppers Team

After a long time all of had met at the place where Hyderabad KPoppers had its first ever meet up at the City Center Mall, Banjara Hills.

We all had lots of fun! We discussed about all different KPop Projects and Projectile KPop Flash Mob.

We sang a few KPop songs and made all the heads turn in the food court. We played a few games like Mandu Mandu (a Korean Game) and Truth or Dare. We also had a little bit of an emotional moment and my supportive members proved that they are the most awesome, sweetest and the best people ever!

We also took a lot of selfies and pictures! We all together ate ice cream while singing Red Velvet’s Ice Cream Cake Song! Ice Cream, you scream, gimme that, gimme that ice cream!

We fangirled and fanboyed our hearts out! My members supported me a lot! I adore my members for their never ending support! Laughter, love, happiness, the KPop Spirit and the love for South Korea has bought all of us together.

We did not realise how the time went by from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. and yet we still did not want to leave! We added another memory to our beautiful lives which is worth to be re-lived! May there be more and more memories to come and to be made together.

As admin and being one of the maknaes, it makes me feel happy to meet such awesome unnies , oppas and chingus who are very supportive.

At present, I along with my Hyderabad KPoppers Team are trying to gather more and more KPop fans in Hyderabad into our group and day by day our team is being successful as we have reached more than a 100 members! I had begun this group with just 1 member and now we are 100! Congratulations to our team.

Hyderabad KPoppers Meet

We are one! We are One! We are the best! Jjang! Hwaiting to us! Hyderabad KPoppers Saranghaja!

Mani mani sarangheyo my members and our supporters. Khamsahamnida!

Written by G. Sree Ramya Krishna, Korean Culture Hyderabad Fan Club, India

Drop a mail to us if you live in Hyderabad and you would like to join us: hyderabadkpoppers@gmail.com

Hyderabad KPoppers Fan Page: https://www.facebook.com/Hyderabadkpoppers/

Projectile KPop Facebook Page Link: https://www.facebook.com/PROJECTILEKPOP/


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