The Innocent Man

In general I probably wouldn’t put this on drama recommendation list. But still it has a place in this list because it’s of a very different genre than the other dramas here. It’s a melodrama, and it’s not a drama about a dying guy or girl. Despite its title it’s not even about a nice guy. With extremely complex characterisation of both the leads it’s a story of not so good people. It’s a story about how these very jaded people find love and grow. It’s a great watch because of stellar acting performances from both the leads too; I would even go as far as to say that the male lead gave the best performance of his career. And it’s one of the best melodramas out there, so another reason to give it a try. And fair warning despite being a very messy show it’s extremely addictive once you pick it up you just can’t put it down.


The Innocent Man

Song Joong-ki plays the titular nice guy Kang Ma-ru, he actually starts out the drama as an extremely nice guy hailing from a very poor background but has worked hard to go to med school. And he has always loved one woman in his life his neighbourhood noona (older woman). She is likewise from a poor family like him, during an accident she kills a man and Ma-ru takes the blame and goes to jail. While he is incarcerated she dumps him and goes for a rich businessman. That is when the titular nice guy turns into a not so nice guy.

Moon Chae-won plays Seo Eun-gi. She is the daughter of the above mentioned rich businessman and the sole heiress to the conglomerate. Unlike most K-Drama heiresses she is not pampered, she has been groomed since childhood to take over the company. After her mother died at an early age she has learned to keep her emotions in a tight control. She is a cold businesswoman until she meets Ma-ru when she starts to fall for someone for the first time. While he is just using her to get revenge on her father’s mistress aka Ma-ru’s ex-girlfriend.

Written by Sourabhi Maiti, Delhi , India (Korean Culture India Fan Club)

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