Coffee Prince

Despite being a 10 year old, this drama doesn’t feel dated. This drama is the originator of the sub-genre ‘cross-dressing’ in K-Drama land where the heroine (mostly) dresses up/has to live as a guy for some or other reason. It tells the story of a tomboyish girl who gets a job at a coffee shop which is only hiring pretty boys. And the owner starts to fall for her despite thinking that she is a guy. But what makes this drama best or better than all the other dramas of the same genre is that it doesn’t cop-out in the middle of the conflict. It tells the story in such a heart wrenching manner of loving a person gender notwithstanding. And both the main leads gave their best acting performance till date.

Coffee Prince

Gong Yoo plays the male lead Choi Han-gyul, a third generation scion of food conglomerate especially in the coffee industry. He starts out as a careless, jobless person who just wants to go to U.S.A, but due to his grandma he is stuck with a rundown old coffee shop to prove his worth. He decides to hire pretty boys so that he can gain female customers to increase the sales. But in reality he is a fiercely independent person who is just passionate about another career but is stuck being a third generation scion.

Yoon Eun-hye plays Go Eun-chan a 24 year old tomboyish girl who had to take the role of breadwinner from the time she is 16 after her father died. She is always cheerful and does odd jobs to make do. With her hassle free short hair and comfortable baggy clothes she is always mistaken for a guy and that is how she lands her job at the coffee shop owned by the hero. Desperate for money Eun-chan takes the job and hides her gender. Chaos ensues when Han-gyul starts falling for her despite not knowing her real gender.

Written by Sourabhi Maiti, Delhi , India (Korean Culture India Fan Club)

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