We met when we were 15, you were wearing that oversized Christmas sweater, smiling like a fool.

At 35, I am wearing the Black Shirt, that you loved so much and holding your favourite white lilies. I still miss you..

Thanks to Pheonix Graphics (asianfanfic) for the lovely cover!



Age 15:

“I saw you in my class, getting bullied by an obese boy. I don’t remember his name, but he was wearing a hideous shoe I ever saw in my life. You were fiddling with the hem of your sweater. If I remember correctly, there was a reindeer and Santa drawn on it. You looked scared and nervous, which made me stand up and punch that bully on his face. Though I got detention as punishment, but that smile on your face was worth it. That was the beginning of our journey as friends.”

Stay in touch for the rest of the chapters!

Written by Sagarika Biswas, Delhi, India (Korean Culture India Fan Club)

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